Oily skin should avoid dehydrating and clogging ingredients

People with oily skin should avoid using skin care products that would be creating more oil production and trapping oil against the skin. Sulfates, especially sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate, and alcohols dehydrate the skin. That’s why it’s important to look for sulfate and alcohol-free products when you hit the store. Mineral oil and petrolatum work to seal the skin, which can have a pore-clogging effect you’ll want to avoid as well. 

As a general rule, ingredients that keep bar products in solid form (such as bar soaps or stick foundations), or that are present in emollient lotions and creams are likely to clog pores and look greasy on your skin. Instead of using creams or thick formulas, consider using only liquids, weightless serums, fluid lotions, or feather light gels.







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